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Introducing the founder of Made From Yarn: Joanne Loh

Made From Yarn is the brainchild of founder Joanne Loh. She has cultivated her childhood interest for all things yarn into a successful lifelong passion in the areas of crocheting, knitting and sewing just to name a few.

Growing up she watched with wide-eyed inspiration as her grandmother and mother spun beauty out of balls of yarn using their sewing machines. With only her older sisters having had the opportunity to learn crocheting, Joanne eagerly took their equipment and began her self-taught journey into the world of yarn.

Why was Made From Yarn created?

A lot of things in our daily lives are made from yarn.

In all her years of designing and creating crafts, Joanne realized the beauty of transforming a simple ball of yarn into practical objects, like clothes, bags, and home decor, or toy items such as amigurumi. This realization of being able to customize and manipulate yarn fascinated her greatly.

“I want more people to have the ability to put together the potential of yarn and some of that eagerness I had as a child to learn to create a beautiful work of art.”
Joanne Loh, founder of Made From Yarn

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Made From Yarn is hence her platform to share the endless possibilities that can be created from a skein of yarn.

Curated posts on the areas of crafts made from crocheting, knitting, sewing, etc. that use yarn will be compiled to ease you to choose free tutorials on the projects that you like the most.

You can also expect detailed but easy-to-follow ‘how to’ posts that introduce basic but fundamental techniques that make or break your projects. Beginner-friendly posts on ‘how to crochet basic stitches’ and ‘how to change stitch colors’ are just some of the posts to look forward to here!