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53 Gorgeous and Chic Cardigan Knitting Patterns

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Are you searching for knitting patterns to stay cozy during chilly days? Look no further because we’re here to inspire you with a collection of 53 gorgeous and chic cardigan knitting patterns that are entirely free! How exciting is that? We listed a wide variety of patterns, from classic cable knit cardigans to more intricate and geometric designs for those seeking a challenge

Our carefully hand-picked patterns are here to cater to all tastes with various skill levels. From beginners to advanced, we have many cardigan designs (including kids) to keep you busy for your following knitting projects. We highly recommend picking up your supplies and beginning your knitting projects now, whether it’s for a special gift or to enhance your own closet. Just a heads up, knitting can be a bit of a marathon – sometimes, it takes days to cross that finish line!

Check out these gorgeous cardigan knitting patterns that are free to download; from cable knit to chunky knit cardigans, suitable for all skill levels.

Contrary to popular belief, knitting cardigans is not as tough as you think. Many of our selections offer detailed instructions and guidance for beginners. Obviously, you might not get it perfect the first time, but through consistent practice and patience, you can gradually master new knits and techniques in no time. 

Grab your favorite colored yarns and knitting needles and start transforming them into a cozy cardigan with beautiful designs. By investing your time and care into these crafts, you can slowly grasp various shapes and knitting methods that can be incorporated into knitting a cardigan, such as the cable knit cardigan and the chunky knit cardigan. Once you have gotten the hang of these knits, you can easily craft your own cardigan, which will be very satisfying. 

FAQs On Cardigan Knitting Patterns

1. What needles do I need to knit a cardigan?

There are several kinds of knitting needles that you should acquire. Knitting usually requires straight, circular, or double-pointed needles, though it varies depending on the type of project and the construction of the pattern.

Typically, straight needles are used to knit flat pieces, and circular needles are used for seamless construction. Meanwhile, double-pointed needles are used to knit smaller pieces in the round. It all depends on your personal preference and the recommended needle type in the instructions for each pattern.

2. What is the best type of yarn used for cardigan knitting?

The type of yarn used for knitting projects typically depends on various contributing factors. For example, the yarn weight, the desired warmth, drape, textures, pattern requirements, personal preference, and budget. Here are some examples of the type of yarn you could opt for:

– Wool
– Alpaca
– Cotton
– Silk

Ultimately, it is up to knitters, your personal preference, and the specific requirements mentioned in the cardigan patterns. However, keep in mind that the yarn weight is important as well because the thickness of the yarn can affect the size of your knitting project. If you are interested in learning more about Yarn Weight, read our article to learn more facts about it. Trust us, you are going to need it.

3. How can I make sure that my cardigan is finished in the correct size, as mentioned in the pattern?

There are many ways that you can go about this. A few of them include using specific techniques, such as conducting a knit test swatch. Block the swatch, then measure and compare them to the knitting pattern. You can also adjust the needle size and experiment with different yarn weights.

Though it may sound taxing and frustrating, this is one of the most essential steps in knitting to ensure a perfect finish. Keeping a close watch on your knitting tension and tweaking it as you go can really elevate your final masterpiece, ensuring every stitch is consistently perfect!

4. Is there a difference between knitting a cardigan in pieces and knitting it seamlessly in one piece? 

Yes, there is a significant difference. Knitting a cardigan in pieces involves combining sections from the front, back, and sleeves that are sewn together during the assembly. You can use specific techniques, such as the mattress stitch, which uses tapestry or yarn needles to join pieces seamlessly while ensuring minimal bulking and a smooth finish. 

Meanwhile, the other method involves knitting the entire cardigan in one go. Usually, starting off from the top down or bottom up. Whatever method you choose, it all depends on your preference or the specifications of each pattern. 

5. What is the best way to pick up stitches for button bands or collars when finishing up a knit cardigan? 

The best way to go about it is to use a smaller needle size than the main body of the cardigan to help prevent gaping and puckering along the picked-up edge. Though it requires lots of precision to get a clean and evenly spaced finish, you can evenly distribute the knit stitches and adjust the number as necessary to maintain proper tension. That way, you can achieve a sleek finish to your knitting, and it is sealed into place. 

What’s Next? 

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53 Gorgeous and Chic Cardigan Knitting Patterns

Without further ado, here is the curated list of 50+ gorgeous and chic cardigan knitting designs to inspire you for your next knitting project. We also included several kid cardigan designs to make a set just for them. Grab your knitting supplies, a basket of yarn with your favorite colors, and your needles, and let’s get into it. 

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