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36 Free Cozy Crochet Ear Warmer Patterns

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What’s a stylish yet cozy way of keeping Jack Frost from nipping at your red-tipped ears? A crochet ear warmer! Crisp mornings and chill evenings call for cozy crochet ear warmer patterns to keep us warm and toasty not only on our bodies but on our ears as well.

These ear warmer crochet patterns are extremely versatile. Wear them throughout the entire chilly season, with hair up or down, under a helmet, or even with a beanie or cap. You’ll discover many stylish ways to keep your ears snuggled without sacrificing comfort with any of these patterns below.

What's a stylish yet cozy way to keep Jack Frost away from your red-tipped ears? This list of crochet ear warmer patterns is the solution. Happy Crocheting!

Here at Made from Yarn, we’ve made sure to include free crochet ear warmer patterns that range from earmuffs to headband ear warmers. Surely, everyone can find a design and fit that works for them.

Crochet a bunch of them in the springtime, in the summer, whenever you have free time, and you’ll have a handful of them to alternate with during the fall and winter. Since these free easy ear warmer crochet patterns work up quick and are stretchable, they make amazing Christmas and Thanksgiving gifts!

With just a couple of materials, some basic knowledge of crocheting (check out the complete guide to crochet for beginners if you need some guidance), and some patience, you’ll be able to put on a lovely, warm crochet ear warmer of your own and stay toasty this fall and winter.


1. What do I need to crochet an earwarmer?

As you browse through this roundup, you will realize that most, if not all, of the patterns call for the same tools. However, some patterns do have variations, such as buttons, or require some sewing work. Hence, always refer back for a more accurate list of what to prepare.

Commonly used tools for crochet ear warmer patterns are:
1. Crochet hook
2. Yarn
3. Yarn Needle or Tapestry needle
4. Scissors
5. Measuring Tape

2. How do you crochet a headband ear warmer pattern?

Crocheting ear warmers is extremely easy! The only challenge with some of these patterns is that you may come across a stitch that you are unfamiliar with, but other than that, they are all quick and easy crochet ear warmer patterns. For unfamiliar stitches, all you need is some practice, and you can even practice while crocheting as they are all made in rows, repetitively.

Here is a brief summary of the steps in most of these free crochet ear warmer patterns:
1. Chain the given number of stitches according to the size chart for the size you want
2. If the pattern works in the round, connect the chains together to form a ring. Otherwise, crochet them in rows.
3. Work the stitch indicated in the pattern to start the first round or first row.
4. Continue working the pattern until it is complete.
5. Fasten off and weave in loose ends with a yarn needle.

3. How long does it take to headband-style crochet an ear warmer?

These crochet headband patterns are some of the quickest crochet projects to work up. Simply because the steps are repetitive, the project is small. Also, bulky or super bulky yarn is usually used, so you won’t have to crochet as much as you normally would.

Most of the ear warmer crochet patterns indicate that they take an hour or so for each ear warmer headband. However, this very much depends on the size of your headband, the type of yarn used, and your crochet speed and familiarity with the design.

4. Are there any tips for crocheting a crochet ear warmer headband?

There are, in fact, a few important tips that will help you achieve the correct-sized headband every time:
1. Follow the Gauge in the Pattern
Using the correct gauge, or stitches per inch, is essential to ensuring that your headband fits perfectly. Crocheting too loosely will result in a headband that is too big, and crocheting too tightly will result in a headband that is too small.

2. Measure
First, measure the circumference of the head of the person you are crocheting this ear warmer for. You can then add or subtract the rows required in your pattern to adjust the width of the ear warmer.

You will be able to find the crochet ear warmer size chart in most of these patterns. However, for your convenience, we list them in the next question.

3. Use the Recommended Yarn Weight and Type
Yarn material is more flexible, as you can choose the type of yarn according to its qualities, availability, and personal preference. However, for yarn weight, it’s best to follow the ear warmer crochet pattern so it won’t turn out differently in size.

5. What are the headband sizes of crochet ear warmers?

Generally speaking, the ear warmer should be two inches smaller than the wearer’s head circumference. For precise sizing information, please refer to the pattern.
1. Newborn: 11″–12″
2. Baby: 12″–14″
3. Toddler: 3. Toddler: 14″–16″.
4. Child: 16″–18″.
5. Teen: 18″–20″.
6. Small, Adult: 19″–20″.
7. Medium, Adult: 20″– 21″.
8. Large, Adult: 21″–22″.

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Free Crochet Ear Warmer Patterns

Without further ado, here is a roundup of 36 Free Crochet Ear Warmer Patterns. From basic stitches to more special stitches like Tunisian crochet stitch and Alpine stitch, you’ll find an array of textures here for you.

Happy crocheting!

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