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17 Free Crochet Water Bottle Holder Patterns

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Tired of carrying a heavy water bottle in your arms? Frustrated that you always have to carry your bottle with one hand and only have one hand to hold other things? A crochet water bottle holder is a great method to free up your hands. Be it iced tea for the summer or a hot beverage for the winter, keeping yourself hydrated has never been more stylish or enjoyable than with these adorable options.

17 free water bottle holder patterns to crochet. Pattern difficulties ranged from Novice to Intermediate Level. Pick one that suits you.

These water bottle holders are absolutely indispensable. Simply slip the strap over your shoulder, attach the bottle holder to your bag, or hang it on your stroller and enjoy your free hands. The practical crochet patterns also make great gifts since everyone needs a water bottle to stay hydrated.

We have compiled an amazing list of beautiful crochet water bottle holder patterns that you can make to carry your bottle on the go. The tutorials range from simple to challenging and include bottle holders suitable for all occasions. They come in a variety of patterns, ranging from solid to multi-colored to textured. As a result, we’re confident you’ll find a water bottle holder pattern that matches your skill level and visual appeal.

How To Crochet A Water Bottle Holder?

Creating a water bottle holder from any of the tutorials on this list will require familiarity with basic crochet techniques. Before you begin, you should learn how to hold your crochet hook and yarn, make basic stitches, increase stitches, and change colors. If you need some pointers or a refresher, check out this complete guide to crochet for beginners.

Most crochet water bottle holder patterns begin at the bottom with a magic ring. They progress from there to form the circular base of the holder. Next, work even stitches on the base in rounds to create the straight sides of the holder. Finally, finish the top of the bottle holder and attach the strap.

Crochet Supplies

What craft supplies do you need to make a crochet water bottle holder pattern? These are the most common materials, and you may require additional supplies depending on the pattern you choose.

  • Yarn

There is a wide range of yarn weights in the patterns on the curated lists, so be sure to read the pattern and follow the type of yarn used. This is to make sure that your crochet water bottle holder won’t be a lot different in size.

  • Crochet Hook

Crochet hook size and yarn weight work together to determine the final size of your crocheted pieces. Always refer to the pattern for the best results when creating a water bottle of the desired size. You can use a hook a size up or down to meet the tension gauge.

  • Stitch Markers

These are useful tools for marking the first or last stitch in a row. They come in a variety of different colors and styles too.

  • Scissors

This is essential to help you cut off your yarn.

  • Measuring Tape

Use it to check the tension gauge of your test swatch to see if it matches the size specified in the pattern.


Q: What yarn should I use in a water bottle holder crochet pattern?

A: The best solution would be to use the yarn specified in the pattern.

The yarn’s durability is critical because these water bottle holders will be used on a daily basis and may become dirty. In general, I would recommend high-quality anti-pilling cotton yarn because it is both durable and washable.

Q: How to choose a water bottle holder crochet pattern for beginners?

A: Look for patterns that have difficulty levels of “beginner”, “novice”, or “easy”.

Choose a pattern that is simple to assemble and uses basic crochet stitches.

Look for patterns that include useful information, such as stitch definitions and abbreviations, as well as clear step-by-step instructions (preferably with visual aids such as photos or videos).

Q: How do I customize the size for water bottle holders?

A: You can easily change most, if not all, patterns to fit water bottles of any size. Just measure the diameter of the bottom of your water bottle and work the increased rounds until you reach the diameter.
Then, crochet the straight sides until it reaches the top of your bottle.


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17 Crochet Water Bottle Holder Patterns

There are free written tutorials (some with videos) available in a variety of skill levels and designs. The bottle sizes specified in the pattern have also been included for your convenience.

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