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25 Free Crochet Plant Hanger Patterns

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Want to make a small change in your home without undertaking major renovations? Begin by rearranging the items you already have in your home! Using these crochet plant hangers to hang your potted plants is a simple but effective way to get started. It will elevate your plants to different levels, creating new spaces and interesting dimensions.

You don’t have a lot of live plants to hang? There’s no need to worry because these crochet hanging plant patterns work with both live plant pots and crochet plants. If you’re looking for crochet patterns for plants, check out our Free Crochet Plant Patterns List (coming soon) for some inspiring tutorials.

crochet plant hangers with these free patterns

We scoured the internet to bring you this incredible collection of free crochet plant holder patterns and crochet flower pot hangers. Plants can now be removed from mantle tops, dining tables, coffee tables, and floors to make more room. Use these pot hangers to create eye-catching positions in bathroom corners, kitchen walls, porch ceilings, window tops, and other areas to make your house look brand new again.

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FAQ: How To Crochet Plant Hanger

What do I need to crochet a plant holder?

The materials will vary depending on the pattern, but for an easy plant hanger crochet, you will need the following:
1. Scissors
2. Plant Pots
3. Crochet Hook
4. Yarn
5. Macramé ring
6. Tapestry needle
7. Tassels and beads

What is the best yarn for a crochet plant hanger?

You should use the yarn that the pattern tells you to use.

Generally, the best yarn would be one that wouldn’t stretch even after being pulled down by the weight of all that dirt and pot. Your options are yarns such as macramé ropes, cotton, t-shirt yarn, cotton cord, twine, or linen.

Another good option would be nylon string. This fiber dries rather quickly if it gets wet, doesn’t encourage mold growth, plus nylon is incredibly robust.

However, if the tutorial specifies a certain type of yarn, it is best to stick with it to get the most desirable outcome.

How do you crochet a plant hanger in general?

A crochet plant hanger pattern is not the hardest thing to pull off. You can decide the complexity of your crochet plant hanger pattern according to your skill level.

Here are a few things to take note of when choosing a pattern:
1. The crochet plant hanger free pattern has to be sturdy enough to hold up a ceramic or glass pot filled with dirt; ensure you use quality yarn and the right yarn.
2. The construction of the plant hanger has to fit the shape and size of your pot so it will hold it in place and not rotate too much.

With just a couple of materials, some basic knowledge of crocheting (check out the complete guide to crochet for beginners if you need some guidance), and some patience, you’ll be able to create a beautiful hanging display of your own.

What’s Next:

25 Crochet Plant Hanger Patterns

Without further ado, here is our collection of crochet plant hanger patterns. You’ll find patterns for all types of styles and plant pot sizes, from large plants to small pot holders! Good luck with your crocheting.

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