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33 Free Crochet Cover Up Patterns For Summer

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A crochet cover up is a practical crochet project, particularly if you live in a warm climate or spend the entire year in a tropical paradise. You can’t go wrong with a crochet coverup for all of your summer activities.

Wondering what a crochet cover-up is? It is simply a loosely crocheted garment that is worn over a swimsuit. It is typically oversized and can be mid-thigh, knee-length, or even floor-length, depending on the design. They sometimes come in a 2-piece set as well.

Crochet coverup is ideal for summer activities. This curated list of crochet cover up patterns will make you feel sexy, confident, & ready to make one for summer.

I personally find crochet cover-ups an airier alternative to bathrobes. They provide the necessary coverage while allowing me to enjoy the cool sea breeze in style. I also like how it keeps my skin from getting too sun-kissed. However, that doesn’t mean we can replace a cover-up with sunscreen!

We have scoured the internet for free crochet patterns and have come up with a list of free crochet beach cover-up patterns that are ideal for the summer. There are numerous patterns and designs available, ranging from minimalistic to creative and one-of-a-kind. We hope you enjoy crocheting these patterns and fall in love with one (or more) of them!

Crochet cover-ups are not the most difficult crochet garments to create. Remember that everything happens for the first time. If you’re looking to learn how to crochet for the first time, check out this Complete Guide to Crochet for Beginners. It discusses the fundamentals of crochet, such as the tools and supplies you’ll need, the stitches you’ll use most frequently, and the most important methods.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What materials & tools are needed for the cover-up crochet pattern?

This is a common question when you’re starting a new project. It is important to note that the supplies specified in the chosen pattern will provide the most accurate answer. However, the general supplies used in the majority of the patterns on this list are labeled as follows:
– Yarn
Read the tutorial patterns in the curated lists and pay attention to the yarn type and yarn weight specified in the pattern.
Following the correct yarn will ensure that your crochet cover up is completed in the correct size.
– Crochet Hook
For the best results, use the recommended hook size. If necessary, adjust the hook size to meet the tension gauge.
– Stitch Markers
These little tools are used to mark rows as well as other important stitches.
– Tapestry Needle
This needle is used to sew crochet pieces together and hide yarn tails.
– Scissors
Use it to cut your yarn.
– Measuring Tape
This is important if you want to crochet clothing that fits you. Use it to take body measurements such as shoulders, bust, waist, and hips. We’ll need it to check the tension gauge of your test swatch to see if it matches the pattern.

2. Can I customize the crochet cover-up pattern to fit me?

Most patterns come in a variety of sizes, while others include instructions for adjusting the cover-up’s size based on your measurements.
If you need more assistance, there are plenty of tutorials and videos available online. These resources will walk you through the process of modifying the original crochet cover up pattern to fit you.

3. What kind of yarn is used for crochet beach cover-up patterns?

Your crochet cover-up should be breathable and airy in order to keep you cool in the summer heat. The most popular yarn materials for crochet beach cover-ups are bamboo, cotton, and linen. On top of that, finer and lighter yarn weights like fingering and crochet lace thread are also commonly used.

4. How to crochet a beach cover-up?

After you’ve decided on a pattern, read and understand the instructions thoroughly to ensure you understand how the cover up is made. Then gather all of your crocheting supplies to get started.

The cover-up patterns in the list are typically crocheted in either flat rectangles or rounds. Stitching to sew up crochet pieces may be required, so keep an eye out for that instruction.

5. What care instructions should I take note of?

To ensure that your crochet beach cover up lasts longer and does not lose its shape, always wash it according to the instructions on the yarn label.

6. How do you wear a crochet cover-up?

The possibilities are endless! Typically, it works as a crochet swim cover-up or crochet bathing suit cover-up by the beach. You can always stray away from the norm and layer it on a tank top, and some jeans for that cool laid-back mom look. As crochet cover-ups usually have a very boho vibe, they make great music festival looks too. The point with fashion is, it’s a form of expression, so feel free to let your imagination run wild!


33 Free Crochet Cover Up Patterns

Whatever your skill level or fashion style, I’m sure there will be patterns on this list that you’ll want to get started on right away.

You can start working on that adorable crochet cover-up for your summer joy at any time, regardless of the weather. What exactly are we waiting for? Let’s get started.

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