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46 Free Crochet Gnome Patterns

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Mischievous and adorable in their pointy little hats and wispy long beards, crochet gnomes imbue just the right amount of cheek while sitting on the mantels and tables of your home.

From gnome ornaments to dolls and bottle toppers, here's a comprehensive list of free crochet gnome patterns with tutorials for a cuteness overload in your living space.

What are gnomes?

Gnomes are mythological creatures often found in fantasy books. Different authors and works of literature depict gnomes in different ways, but they’re most commonly described as small humanoid creatures with tall, pointed triangular hats and long beards that live underground. They may be a little bit bashful, but don’t let their soft grandfather demeanor fool you; they can be really grumpy if they get upset!

Gnomes are commonly used for lawn decorating purposes in statues known as garden gnomes. However, nowadays, gnomes are used widely as inspiration for arts and crafts, including crocheting.

Suitable for any occasion and in any form, it can be displayed as a cute plushie or crochet doll to brighten up a boring mantel in your house, or it could be a crochet ornament to add a dash of cheekiness to your Christmas tree. Place them amongst your workshops, gardens, or lawns, and your nature-loving crochet gnomes will be kept happy!

Convinced that gnomes are exactly what you should be attempting in your next crochet project? Here at Made from Yarn, we have compiled a list of free tutorials on how to crochet gnome patterns that are detailed and easy to follow. Each of these crocheted gnomes is cute and adorable in their own ways! With different forms like dolls and ornaments available in this list, I’m sure you’ll be able to find a free pattern that you’ll absolutely adore.


1. How do you crochet a gnome?

As mentioned above, most crochet gnomes will differ according to their pattern and tutorial. However, like most amigurumi patterns, crochet gnomes are made by assembling several pieces together.

If you require the basics of crocheting, then don’t hesitate to check out this Complete Guide to Crochet for Beginners and Amigurumi Guide For Beginners, where the crochet basics, important tools and materials, essential crochet techniques, and basic crochet stitches will be discussed.

2. Common crochet supplies and tools to crochet gnomes?

This list should only be used as a general guide. It is best to refer to the specific tutorial for the pattern you want to crochet for the most accurate results.

Crochet hook
Tapestry needle
Filling/ polyester fiberfill
Wool to felt the beard
Felting needle
Styrofoam ball for the nose

What’s Next:

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46 Free Crochet Gnome Patterns

Are you looking for a unique touch to your home that showcases some subtle personality? So, here’s a list of free but simple crocheted gnome patterns for you to try. Enjoy and immerse yourself in the holiday spirit, or simply have a fun pastime.

They are extremely adorable and make wonderful gifts for friends, family, and children. I’ve gathered some of my favorite designs and patterns here. Enjoy!

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