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25 Easy Crochet Scrunchie Patterns

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Hair scrunchies are iconic fashion pieces. They work as an accessory on your wrist, complement your outfit, and tie your hair out of the way when needed. A great twist on these statements would be to crochet your own crochet scrunchie. Nothing screams adorable and personalized more than a simple handmade crochet scrunchie.

Discover these crochet scrunchie patterns that are suitable for beginners & experts. With simple instructions, you can make unique, fashionable hair accessories.

How to crochet a scrunchie?

Here we have compiled a list of free crochet scrunchie patterns. These include tutorials that guide you on how to crochet a scrunchie, with skill levels ranging from beginner to intermediate and above. But have no fear; crocheting a scrunchie is a fairly simple project that anyone can master in no time! Most, if not all, of these are beginner crochet scrunchies anyway.

Crochet scrunchies make great gifts as they are easily customizable. You can change up the style of the scrunchie by simply changing the type of yarn, such as using velvet yarn for a more elegant, luxurious look. They also use only a bit of yarn, so crochet scrunchies are a fantastic way to work your way through that unused scrap yarn stash left over from your previous project. You can even crochet a scrunchie to match the sweater you just crocheted.

If you’re looking to learn how to crochet for the first time, check out this Complete Guide to Crochet for Beginners. It discusses the fundamentals of crochet, such as the tools and supplies you’ll need, the stitches you’ll use most frequently, the helpful methods, and the important information and tips.


1. What supplies are required in a crochet scrunchie tutorial?

This is a common question when you’re starting a new project. It is important to note that the supplies specified in the chosen pattern will provide the most accurate answer. However, the general supplies used in the majority of the patterns on this list are labeled as follows:
Read the tutorial patterns in the curated lists and pay attention to the yarn type and yarn weight specified in the pattern. Following the correct yarn will ensure that your crochet scrunchie is completed to the correct size.
– Crochet Hook
For the best results, use the recommended hook size. If necessary, adjust the hook size to meet the tension gauge.
– Stitch Markers
These little tools are used to mark rows as well as other important stitches.
– Scissors
Use it to cut your yarn.

2. What type of yarn can I use for crochet scrunchies?

Various yarns can be used for crochet scrunchie patterns. Cotton yarn, crochet thread, acrylic yarn, medium-weight yarn (weighted yarn), and even bulky-weight yarn can be used.

It all depends on the texture and the size you want your scrunchie to turn out to be. You may notice that some patterns in the list below even call for Bernat Velvet Yarn for a more luxe look. Your crochet scrunchie will generally be softer and require fewer stitches to complete with chunkier yarn.

3. What size should a scrunchie be?

The ideal size for a scrunchie is typically around 4 to 6 inches in diameter, as this size provides a good balance between holding the hair securely and being comfortable to wear.


15 Cute Crochet Scrunchie Patterns

In need of the perfect crochet scrunchie pattern to keep those flyaway hairs out of your face? You will find that this collection of free crochet patterns for scrunchies that are fun, cute, and elegant is an excellent place to begin. We hope you find a piece that inspires you to get those crochet hooks moving right away!

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