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43 Free Amigurumi and Crochet Cat Patterns

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As any cat lover would say, we can never have too many feline friends. The more, the merrier, in fact! However, there may be limitations to having so many furry friends around despite your adoration for them. The next best alternative would be to crochet your own cat pattern to keep you and your whole litter of cats company!

That is why we’ve compiled a list of free crochet cat patterns that promise cuteness overload and quality in your work. We’ve put together free cat crochet patterns that range from beginner-friendly, manageable skill levels to intermediate and advanced crochet skill levels. So, even if this is your first time taking on a crochet pattern, fret not! We’ve ensured you will have all the necessary resources to prepare yourself to make your own fuzzy feline friend.

This cat-coded world of free crochet cat patterns is something cat lovers should not miss out on! Get your hooks ready as your feline friend awaits!

These feline-inspired creations make delightful additions to any home décor and serve as cherished handmade gifts for friends and family. In this list, you’ll find a range of beautiful creations and lovely designs, ranging from playful amigurumi kittens to adorable plushies! So, embark on a journey of creativity and craftsmanship as we explore the array of patterns available. So grab your hooks, pick out your favorite yarn, and crochet your way to a purr-fectly delightful collection of crochet cats!

But wait! Before getting into the designs, you’ll notice that many cat crochet patterns require sewing separate limbs or eyes onto the central part of the body and utilizing basic crochet stitches. This is why you should check out this Complete Beginner’s Guide To Crochet. Inside, you’ll find comprehensive introductions to crocheting and tips and tricks on mastering this art. After reviewing these guides and practicing, you should be ready! Of course, to better prepare yourself, keep reading our frequently asked questions section below. 

FAQ on Amigurumi and Crochet Cat Patterns

1. What supplies do I need to crochet a cat?

To crochet a cat, you’ll only need a few essential items to get you started. However, do keep in mind to always refer back to the pattern you chose for the most accurate results! Generally, what you’ll need includes:

– Yarn in various colors
– Crochet hook H (5 mm), I (5.5 mm), or J (6 mm) for beginners
– Scissors
– Polyester fiberfill for plushies
– Tapestry needle with a large eye to sew and weave in ends.
– Stitch markers

2. What type of yarn is best for crocheting cat patterns?

Generally, a soft, medium-weight, or worsted-weight yarn, such as acrylic or cotton, works well for crochet cat patterns. Whereas for amigurumi cats, you can opt for polyester yarn, typically chenille or velvet for a softer, bigger, and cuddlier plush cat.

Choose a yarn that is smooth and easy to work with or one that you are comfortable using as a beginner. However, bear in mind that you may not achieve similar results to the original pattern if you deviate from the recommended yarn. If you need more guidance on selecting the right yarn and yarn-weight for your project, read our article on Yarn Weight and It’s Importance here.

3. Are there any specific stitches for crocheting cats?

Basic crochet stitches like single crochet (sc), double crochet (dc), magic ring, and slip stitch (sl st) are commonly used in cat patterns. Some patterns may incorporate more advanced stitches or techniques, but it all depends on the skill levels mentioned for each pattern.

Don’t stress too much as most of the crochet cat patterns include detailed tutorials and instructions to guide you through and through. You can check out the basic stitches that almost all patterns may use in this article on 6 Basic Crochet Stitches For Beginners Guide.

4. Is an amigurumi cat plushie different to crochet?

In the universe of fiber arts, crochet and amigurumi sometimes are used interchangeably, though they have stark differences. Crochet is meant to create practical items like garments and home decor, whereas for amigurumi, they focus on creating cute and small whimsical plushies, though the sizes vary according to the patterns. 

How are they different? They utilize different techniques. Amigurumi usually works in the round to create 3D shapes, and crochet works in rows or rounds. Here are some crucial elements that make up amigurumi:

– Technique: Amigurumi is usually crocheted using single crochet stitches (sc), which gives a tight tension to keep the stuffing inside and preventing it from spilling through the gaps.
– Stitching and Assembly: The process involves crocheting individual pieces (like the head, body, and limbs) and then stitching them together.
– Eyes and Facial Features: Safety eyes, embroidery, or buttons are often used to add faces and expressions.
– Customization: Amigurumi allows for a lot of creativity in terms of colors, accessories, and embellishments. Check out this Crochet Animal Guide For Beginners as a reference if you’re new to amigurumi or crochet stuffed animals.

5. How do I attach limbs and ears securely to my amigurumi cat?

Most patterns listed below offers clear instructions for placement and orientation. It will inform you on how to attach your pieces together securely and seamlessly. However, as a general guide, you’ll need sewing pins to attach your loose pieces into your desired location on the cat.

Then, thread the ‘tail’ onto your yarn needle, and insert the needle under the stitches that is closest to the edges of your desired placement. Next comes the stitching and be sure that you are using the same stiches throughout the process. Repeat the steps and you’ll complete the crochet pattern. For more guidance on how you can properly execute the sewing and piecing, read this article on Attaching Amigurumi Pieces.

6. How do I care for and wash my finished crochet and amigurumi cat?

There are a few handy tips and tricks on how to properly care and wash your completed artwork. Though machine wash for crocheted items in a mesh laundry bag under the gentle cycle setting is possible, the best way to preserve and wash your amigurumi plushies would be by handwashing. Always use gentle or mild detergent with cold water for this process.

When it comes to drying, you can use dryers under the lowest heat setting, but do keep in mind to check it frequently as the heat can shrink or warp your yarn. The best way to dry is is to lay it flat on a clean towel, directed away from sunlight or any heat sources. Let it air dry overtime and you’ll be good to go.

What’s Next?

  • Once you’ve finished your crocheting, post it to Facebook and/or Instagram. Please don’t forget to tag us @madefromyarn so that we can see them.
  • For later reference, pin it to Pinterest.
  • Share this for a crochet-along event with your crochet groups.
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43 Free Amigurumi and Crochet Cat Patterns

From amigurumi plush toys to keychains, bookmarks, and bags, this is a cat-coded world ahead, so proceed with care! On a serious note, we hope you find a cat pattern that piques your interest and makes you fall so in love you can’t resist crocheting it! 

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