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33 Free Crochet Turtle Patterns

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Slow on land but agile in the water, turtles are adorable animals. There are seven species of marine turtles, but six of them are currently threatened with extinction. A great way to celebrate these beautiful sea creatures and raise awareness of them is by making crochet turtle projects!

Making crochet turtles is a great way to raise awareness about these beautiful, endangered turtles! Get all 33 free crochet patterns & start crocheting right away.

Crochet sea turtles are great amigurumi dolls to use to teach your children about the environment and about saving the turtles. Even just crocheting them for fun and hanging a cute turtle crochet amigurumi doll on your backpack is enough to strike up a conversation about them.

On the other hand, you can personalize these crochet turtles, gift them to others, and attach a tag to raise awareness about saving the turtles. It’s amazing how crochet can be used as a tool for raising awareness for these lovely sea creatures.

Here at Made From Yarn, we’ve searched far and wide to curate a wonderful list of free crochet turtle patterns suitable for all skill levels. You will find a variety of turtle crochet patterns to choose from. Baby turtles, sea turtles, terrapins (freshwater turtles), turtle plushies, turtle hats, turtle keychains, and even turtle jewelry boxes—you name it, we most probably have it. These patterns in the list include easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions and detailed guides to ensure a wonderful and enjoyable crocheting experience for all.

FAQ: How do I crochet a turtle?

1. What do I need to make a crochet turtle?

Generally, what you need includes yarn and a crochet hook. The yarn and crochet hook will vary depending on the pattern you choose from the list.
Yarn: Overall, worsted-weight yarn would be one of the better choices for beginners as it is easy to work with.
Crochet Hooks: A size G or H hook is recommended for beginners. However, always refer to the pattern you chose for the most accurate results!
Other Supplies: safety eyes, polyfil stuffing, tapestry needles, scissors, and glue. Not all patterns require all this, so check the actual list of the chosen pattern.

2. What are the commonly used stitches in a crochet turtle pattern?

1. The most fundamental stitch in crochet is single crochet. It is used to produce a dense, tight crochet fabric.
2. The foundation chain for your crochet turtle pattern is made using the chain stitch.
3. The magic ring stitch gives your crochet turtle pattern a tight core.
4. Rounds are joined with the slip stitch, but not in most amigurumi patterns. In amigurumi, it is crocheted in continuous rounds that spiral upward.
5. Increase: Using this stitch, you can add stitch count to your crochet turtle pattern.
6. Decrease: Use this stitch to reduce the stitch count in your crochet turtle pattern.

What’s Next:

  • Get started on that crochet project and post the finished product on social media (Facebook and/or Instagram). Don’t forget to include the @madefromyarn hashtag so we can check out your creations.
  • Save this for your crocheting project list on Pinterest.
  • Share among your crochet friends in preparation for a group project.
  • Explore more free crochet patterns to make, particularly those that can be combined with some of the crochet turtle projects, such as the crochet backpack and crochet crossbody bag.
  • If you have any leftover yarn, you could make its green counterpart, a crochet frog, and a crochet frog hat.

33 Free Crochet Turtle Patterns

A curated list of amazing free crochet turtle patterns that are creative, unique, and fun. This list contains turtles of various sizes, types, and designs, so you’re sure to find one that catches your eye! Don’t just browse through; go get your supplies and start crocheting!

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Carol Lankford

Tuesday 5th of March 2024

I would like the sea turtle patterns.

Made From Yarn

Wednesday 6th of March 2024

You can find free sea turtle crochet patterns by clicking on the links provided in each listing above. This will direct you to the pattern details and instructions. Happy crocheting!