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18 Free Crochet Frog Hat Patterns

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Having taken social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram by storm, the frog-themed subculture has since become a popular element in apparel designs. In this bizarre frog-themed category, handmade items, especially crochet frog hats, are one of the most widely sought-after trends. These include beanies, bucket hats, berets, and caps, among others.

This trend is especially prevalent among Generation Z, which makes sense given that Pepe the Frog and Kermit sipping tea are popular frog memes. Keroppi, a Sanrio character, plays a significant role in the kawaii culture of Japan’s older generation, which has also embraced this trend.

crochet frog hat patterns

If you intend to join the bandwagon and purchase one of these frog hats, you may find that they are on the pricier side. You can now crochet frog hats at a fraction of the cost using the free patterns provided here. You only need a ball of yarn, crochet hooks, and some measurements to get started.

We have put together a list of detailed and easy-to-follow free crochet patterns. From crochet frog hat patterns for adults to those for kids, newborns, and even for dolls.

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Materials required to make a crochet frog hat pattern:

  • DK weight / worsted weight yarn (depending on the pattern)
  • A small amount of polyester fiber fill for stuffing eyes
  • Crochet hook (size depends on the tutorial)
  • Sewing yarn needle (depending on if sewing is required in the tutorial)
  • Removable stitch markers

Generally, to make a frog crochet hat, all you need is the knowledge of four basic stitches:

  • magic ring,
  • chain stitch,
  • slip stitch,
  • single crochet
  • half double crochet,
  • double crochet
  • In order to add stitches, you will also need to understand how to do increments.

If you have no idea how to crochet these stitches, check out this complete guide to crochet for beginners. This guide includes written steps and videos on how to crochet each of the stitches mentioned above.


18 Free Crochet Frog Hat Patterns

This list of 18 free crochet frog hat patterns includes crochet patterns ranging from beginner level to intermediate and above levels. With detailed tutorials that guide you step by step on how to crochet your own frog crochet hat, you’ll be able to hop on this frog trend in no time!

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