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32 Easy Macramé Plant Hanger Patterns

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Welcome back, macrame artisans! Are you back for more free and easy macrame crafts? Well, you’re in for a treat because we are sharing a bunch of macrame plant hanger patterns today! It doesn’t matter if you’re completely new at this, have prior knowledge, or are a seasoned crafter yourself; these crafts are here to cater to all tastes and skill levels! So, join us as we introduce you to 32 easy-to-DIY macrame plant hangers! 

Check out our compilation of free macrame plant hanger designs! From simple DIY's for beginners, to complex patterns for seasoned crafters.

Ever wondered how to make your very own macrame plant hangers? Here in our article, we have compiled a list of simple and easy-to-make designs that will pique your interest, as the creative possibilities are endless! Not to mention, these crafts are a fantastic way of enriching your indoor space with some greenery and a touch of bohemian handmade charm. 

But wait, there’s more! These plant hangers can be used as indoor and outdoor decorations, such as on your patio, in your shed, garden, or porch. Just remember to keep them shaded from the sun and heat, as you don’t want them to fade now. 

What is Macramé?

Did you know? Macrame is a centuries-old craft that was said to have originated from Arabic weaving traditions during the 13th century! It gained popularity in the 70’s due to its knotting techniques, which create decorative art by knotting cords together, like textiles and tapestries. Isn’t that cool? 

Since then, the craft has become world-renowned, and it experienced a resurgence in recent years. With just a few essential knots, like the square and half-hitch knots, everyone can create a wide range of decorative items, such as wall hangings, macrame plant hangers, jewelry, bags, and more. 

Not only is macrame a fun hobby to have, but it also lets you express your creative freedom because of its simplicity and versatility, making it a favorite among many. So, what are you waiting for? Join us on this lovely adventure! 

Hold your horses, and don’t jump into the patterns yet! Head over to our Frequently Asked Questions first to clear your queries if you need some guidance and general tips and tricks on macrame plant hangers. We understand that venturing on a new project may seem daunting, but don’t worry; we are here to guide you. As for those who are experienced enough, grab your favorite cords, put on some funky tunes, and let your creativity flourish as you step into a delightful world of macrame plant hanger patterns! 

FAQs On Macramé Plant Hangers

1. What are the materials needed for macrame plant hanger patterns?

You’ll only need a few essential items to make your macrame projects. For most patterns, the supplies are: 
– Macrame cord/rope
– Ring/Hoop for hanging
– Scissors
– Measuring tape
– Decorative elements such as beads
– Your favorite decorative plants 

2. How do I choose the correct macrame cord?

When selecting the right macrame cord, it is important to consider the desired pattern and necessary requirements.

Macrame cords can be made of different materials and come in various types, such as rope, string, yarn, and thread.
– Natural fibers like cotton, linen, hemp, or jute are soft and pliable, making them easy to tie. Additionally, these materials are eco-friendly as most of them are biodegradable. They complement their natural aesthetic and are a great match for indoor plants. However, natural fibers are not water-resistant, so they can become moldy over time if exposed to excessive moisture.
– Synthetic materials like nylon and paracord are durable and water-resistant, making them perfect for outdoor plants. However, their rigidity makes them challenging to tie.

Rope Thickness:
The rope thickness you use to make a plant hanger can greatly affect its appearance. Thicker cords tend to give a more substantial look, while thinner cords give it a delicate appearance. Most of the macrame plant hanger patterns listed below use cords with a 4-6mm diameter.

Depending on how you want to present plant decor in your area, you have a couple of options. You can opt for natural colors to create a calming and organic atmosphere. Alternatively, you can choose a bright and bold macrame rope that contrasts with the pot, creating a vibrant green corner.

For reference, here is a Complete Guide To Macrame Cords to learn more about them. 

3. What are the basic knotting techniques for macrame plant hangers?

Macrame knots may seem daunting at first glance, but eventually, you’ll realize that the construction of it is repetitive and quite easy to memorize. They are straightforward to grasp, and with practice, you’ll be a master in no time. 

As briefly mentioned above, some of the popular knots in macrame are:
– Lark’s Head Knots
– Reverse Lark’s Head Knots
– Square Knots
– Half-square Knots
– Double Half-hitch Knots
– Half Knot Spiral
– Overhand Knots
– Gathering Knots or Wrapping Knots
These knots have various designs and structural functions for plant hangers, allowing for endless customization and creativity.

This article on the Basics To Macrame Knots will guide you through various techniques. 

4. How do I care for my macrame plant hanger?

Caring for your plant hangers is relatively easy as they are pretty low-maintenance. However, sometimes they might require cleaning to remove dirt, dust, and stains and prevent mold and mildew growth. Only hand wash them when needed or no more than once a month. You’ll need a few items to help wash it:
– Lukewarm water
– Baking soda
– Mild dish soap
– Soft bristle brush
When washing your macrame projects, gently hand wash using the combination of cleaning agents mentioned above. Once done, pat your product in a dry towel to remove access water. Avoid wringing your plant hangers, which might cause friction, damage, and cords tangling. Next, air-dry them in a shady area or well-ventilated indoors and avoid direct sunlight for prolonged hours. This is to avoid fading and the weakening of cords. 

What’s Next?

  • Begin your DIY macrame plant hanger now!
  • Once you’ve completed your project, don’t hesitate to share it with us on Facebook or Instagram @madefromyarn. 
  • Bookmark this post on Pinterest for future reference. 
  • Share your macrame journey with your large community to learn more tips and tricks and juicy secrets to crafting. 
  • While at it, check out our other Macrame Patterns here, especially the Macrame wall hanging projects.
  • Those who know how to crochet should try Crochet Plant Hangers for a twist! In fact, you can also pair it up with Crochet Plants for a matching set. 

32 Amazing Macramé Plant Hanger Patterns

Now that we’ve covered the basics, welcome to the enchanting world of macrame plant hangers! We cover simple patterns to more intricate ones to inspire you to create a beautiful botanical oasis. Without further ado, let’s jump right in! 

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