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14 Best Crochet Butterfly Top Patterns

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Are you a fan of the new Y2K fashion trend? Or are you simply looking for something cute to wear to the beach this summer? This crochet butterfly top answers both questions! This delicate, feminine, and lovely top is a great way to draw attention to your bosom and enhance your femininity.

A butterfly crochet top, as the name implies, is a top that resembles a butterfly perched on your chest. Each side of the top is a butterfly wing, with its body running down the center. Some have larger wings and thus provide more coverage, while others do not. Whatever your preference, you’ll find it in this curated list.

this is a curated post of crochet butterfly top round up, total 14 from both free and paid crochet patterns.

We’ve compiled a list of butterfly crochet top patterns just for you. Unlike the rest of our roundups, we usually only include free patterns. Unfortunately, we could only find a few free crochet butterfly top patterns to include in this list. We decided to include the paid patterns as well because some of them have beautiful designs that we don’t want anyone to miss out on!

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How To Select A Pattern?

There’s more to consider than simply selecting your favorite style from the long list below. The outcome of your crochet is determined by factors such as yarn, stitches, tension, and so on.

At first glance, the construction and designs of these patterns appear to be quite similar. These patterns differ in color, texture, and stitching. Some make use of simple double crochet stitches, while others make use of alpine and shell stitches. These more intricate stitches necessitate intermediate skill levels.

While most, if not all, of the patterns below, are intermediate level, read the description and explore the reviews in the pattern itself before deciding if it is a pattern you are comfortable purchasing and making.

If you want to learn the basics of crocheting, don’t hesitate to check out this Complete Guide to Crochet for Beginners. We’ll talk about the basics of crocheting, important tools and materials, basic crochet stitches, and essential crochet techniques.


What Crochet Supplies Do I Need?

1. Yarn
Read the tutorial patterns in curated lists and follow the yarn weight.
This ensures your crochet butterfly top is the right size.

2. Crochet Hook
Use the recommended hook size for the best results. If needed, use a hook size up or down to meet the tension gauge.

3. Stitch Markers
These helpers mark rows, increases, decreases, and the first and last stitches in a pattern.

4. Tapestry Needle
This needle sews crochet pieces and hides yarn tails.

5. Scissors
This is essential to help you cut off your yarn.

6. Measuring Tape
Measure and check the tension gauge of your test swatch to see if it matches the pattern. This is important if you want to crochet clothing that fits you.

Best Yarns For A Crochet Top?

It is always best to refer to the pattern for the best yarn for that design.

Otherwise, cotton yarns are the best for crochet butterfly tops. Cotton is well known for its breathability, moisture-wicking ability, and hypoallergenic properties, making it an excellent choice for keeping you cool, dry, and comfortable during the summer.

Can I Customize The Pattern To Fit My Body Size?

Some patterns come in a variety of sizes for you to choose from, while others include instructions for adjusting the top’s size based on your measurements. If you need more help, there are numerous tutorials and videos available online that can walk you through the process.

Why My Top Turns Out Larger Or Smaller?

There are a few reasons why crocheted clothes might be bigger than the pattern:

1. Gauge
Gauge is the number of stitches and rows per inch in a crochet pattern. Your finished item may be larger or smaller if your gauge doesn’t match the pattern. Before starting a project, crochet a gauge swatch using the recommended yarn and hook size.

2. Tension
The amount of pressure applied when crocheting. If you crochet loosely, your finished item will be larger. Tighter tension makes crocheted items smaller. Keep your tension the same to match the pattern.

3. Yarn
Different yarns have different thicknesses, stretch, and drapes, which can affect the finished size. Choose a yarn that matches the yarn in the pattern.

4. Hook size
Using a larger hook than the pattern calls for can result in a larger finished item. For the correct size, use the hook size specified in the pattern.

Checking your gauge, maintaining consistent tension, selecting the appropriate yarn, and using the recommended hook size will help ensure that your crocheted garments fit as intended. If you’re still having trouble, you could ask a more seasoned crocheter for advice or switch to a simpler pattern.

Care Instruction

To ensure that your crochet piece lasts longer and does not lose its shape, always wash it according to the instructions on the yarn label.

How do you wear a crochet butterfly top?

This butterfly crochet top is for everyone. It pairs perfectly well with a pair of everyday shorts, jeans or linen. It will also go exceptionally well over a bikini or under a cardigan.


14 Crochet Butterfly Top Patterns

These adorable butterfly crochet top patterns are mostly for intermediate crocheters. However, experienced beginners are also encouraged to take on the challenge with these lovely butterfly tops! Everyone can now feel like a princess fairy!

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