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35 Free and Cute Crochet Bear Patterns

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Looking for a gift that’s perfect for any occasion? Consider making a crochet teddy bear! These timeless and simple teddy bears always bring a smile and a spark of joy. If you’re stuck on finding the right crochet bear pattern, don’t worry – we’ve got an amazing and comprehensive list of crochet bears for you. Get your crochet hooks ready and start crafting a bear that’s sure to spread joy!

Teddy bears are timeless joy-bringers. Explore our wide range of crochet bear patterns, from amigurumi bear to bear hat. Find your favorite & happy crocheting!

Why Crochet Bears?

When you crochet bears for your children, nieces, nephews, or friends and family, you give them a high-quality, personalized gift that will last for years. Although they require more time and effort, the love and care you invest in each stitch of the crochet bear pattern will make this gift a cherished memory. Your effort ensures that the recipient fondly remembers you every time they see their unique bear.

Making crochet teddy bears is a great way to show how versatile crochet projects are. By changing the color, size, expression, and accessories of the bear, you can craft a diverse array of unique bears.

Here, you will find a carefully selected assortment of free crochet bear patterns available in a range of sizes and shapes. From amigurumi bears to bear appliques, bear hats, bear rattles, and bear blankets, there’s a wide range of items for you to explore and create. Dive into this exciting world and bring your own crochet bears to life!

We’re sure you’ll find a bear that you love or reminds you of someone that you love. For those who’ve never crocheted a crochet teddy bear, don’t worry because we’ve included beginner-friendly bear crochet patterns in there as well.

Before you get started, we’ve included a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that will help shed some light on some general things to take note of before beginning your crochet teddy bear project. It will be extremely helpful for beginners as it condenses all the general knowledge you’ll find on the different crochet bear pattern posts.

Are you ‘bear-y’ excited? Let’s start crocheting!


1. How does a beginner crochet a bear pattern?

Crocheting a teddy bear can pose challenges for beginners due to the intricate shaping involved. Bears often require various techniques like increasing, decreasing, and working in the round.

You can also check out the complete guide to crochet for beginners to learn or refresh on how to make certain essential stitches.

If you feel daunted because it’s an amigurumi bear crochet pattern, don’t worry! Crocheting amigurumi is not as hard as it sounds. The best way to begin is by checking out this crochet amigurumi guide for beginners that you can use as a guide.

2. What do I need to make crochet teddys?

To make crochet bears, gather the necessary materials. You will need:
1. Yarn – Choose a soft and suitable yarn for the bear
2. Crochet Hook – Use an appropriate crochet hook size according to the yarn weight and project type.
3. Safety eyes or embroidery thread can be used for the eyes
4. A tapestry needle or a yarn needle is essential for assembly.
5. Use stitch markers to keep track of rounds and special stitches.
6. Fiberfill for stuffing to give the bear its shape.

3. What are the commonly used stitches in the amigurumi teddy bear crochet pattern?

Crochet an amigurumi bear typically involves various stitches.
1. Single crochet is the basic crochet stitch that creates a dense fabric that is suitable for stuffing.
2. A magic ring is often used to start the bear, providing a tight and seamless beginning.
3. Increasing and decreasing stitches are crucial for shaping different parts of the bear.
4. Some patterns might call for working the stitches in front loops or back loops. This usually adds texture to the finished product.

4. How to stuff crochet teddy bears?

Proper stuffing is essential for achieving the right shape and feel for your bear.
1. Use fiberfill or stuffing material, adding it gradually to ensure even distribution.
2. Avoid over-stuffing, as it can make the bear too rigid.
3. Take care to stuff all parts, such as limbs and ears, firmly but not excessively, enough to maintain a soft and cuddly texture.

5. How do you crochet different-sized bears?

Beginner level:
You can adjust the size of your crochet bear while following the same pattern. The easiest way is to use a different yarn weight and hook size.
Bigger bear – Heavier-weight or thicker yarn with a bigger crochet hook.
Smaller bear -lighter-weight or finer yarn with a smaller crochet hook.
Expert level:
If you’re a skilled crocheter, you can probably adjust the stitch counts in each round to achieve various sizes. For a well-crafted result, ensure that the adjustments maintain the overall balance and proportions of the bear.

6. How to make my teddy bears more unique?

Here are some ideas for adding personal touches to your bears:
1. Experiment with color combinations to create a unique appearance.
2. Consider adding accessories such as bows, scarves, or hats to give your bear character.
3. You can also customize facial features with embroidered details or unique stitch patterns to make each bear special.

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