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50 Free Patterns on Crochet Flowers

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Flowers are the universal language of love, whether it is as a gift for a romantic dinner, congratulations on an achievement, or a peace offering after a fight. However, I’m sure we all want such lovely flowers to last and to be a symbol of those memories for all time. These crochet flowers are evergreen gifts that keep on giving.

To give you some inspiration on the types of crochet flower patterns you can crochet, we have compiled an amazing list of crochet flower patterns. Simply pick the crochet flowers that you like from the list and assemble them into a bouquet. You will find crochet flowers suitable for every occasion! From Mother’s Day, Teacher’s Day, Graduation Day, Weddings, and any romantic dates, these lovely yet free crochet flower patterns will definitely make your receiver smile.

We've handpicked these 48 crochet flowers pattern for you, and each one comes with a free pattern. Whether you are looking for simple crochet flowers to make or crochet flower bouquet patterns for any occasion, we've got you covered.

How to crochet flowers?

A crochet flower pattern is not the hardest thing to pull off. You can decide the complexity of your flower crochet pattern according to your skill level.

Beginners may start off with easy crochet flowers. With just a couple of materials and some basic knowledge of crocheting (check out the complete guide to crochet for beginners if you need some guidance). With some patience, you’ll be able to create beautiful crochet flowers or bouquets of your own.

If you are an experienced crocheter, try your hand at making a flower bouquet as a new challenge. Simply put, these are crochet flower patterns combined with other crochet plant patterns (such as stems, leaves, and others).

Here are some of the supplies you will find in a crochet flower tutorial:

  • Yarn (of course!)

The tutorial patterns you will see in curated lists will have a wide range of yarn weights, so remember to read the pattern and follow the type of yarn used. This is to make sure the sizing won’t go off a lot.

  • Crochet Hook

The crochet hook size is determined by the thickness of the yarn used. For the best results, always refer to the patterns.

  • Stitch Markers

These are handy helpers to help in marking important stitches, such as the first stitch in a round. They come in a variety of different colors and styles, too.

  • Scissors

This is essential to help you cut off your yarn.

  • Floral Wire

This is usually used to assemble your bouquet at the end.

  • Other Supplies

These are just a few common tools used to crochet flowers and flower bouquets. Some other tutorials require materials such as floral tape, floral wire cutters, glue, etc. Be sure to refer to the tutorial for the specific pattern when in doubt.


1. What yarn type should I use to crochet a flower?

You should use the yarn that the pattern tells you to use.

Generally, the best yarn would be cotton yarn. Although it is slightly inelastic and may be slightly a challenge to crochet, it is a great choice for your crochet flowers. It creates a smooth surface and will not stretch much.
However, if the tutorial specifies certain kinds of yarn, it is best to stick to it for the best results.

2. What yarn weight should I use to crochet a flower?

You should use the yarn weight that the pattern tells you to use.

In general, crochet flowers look more delicate with lighter-weight yarn. In most tutorials, the best yarn weight to use would range from fingering/lace to light/DK.

A crochet flower made with DK yarn will be slightly smaller than one crocheted with worsted weight medium yarn, so if the tutorial does not specify, then yarn weight can be chosen depending on your preference of how big you want your flowers to be.

3. How many crochet flowers should there be in a flower bouquet?

Based on the various flower crochet patterns in this list, you can easily opt to DIY your own flower bouquet. Hence, the number of flowers to add is entirely up to you (and how many you can or have the time to crochet!)

If you’re unsure about what type of flowers match, a brief tour on Pinterest will definitely give you inspiration. Or, simply pick out a crochet flower bouquet pattern that you like from this huge list of crochet flower patterns.

What’s Next:

50 Free Crochet Flower Patterns Just For You

I’m sure there will come a time when we have to give someone a flower bouquet. Unfortunately, a beautiful bouquet of flowers is not cheap; they can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars! Not to mention that they wilt and lose their beauty over time. But not crochet flowers or crochet flower bouquets! These are good for as long as you want to keep them.

We’ve handpicked these 50 crochet flowers for you, and each one comes with a free pattern. Whether you are looking for simple crochet flowers to make or crochet flower bouquet patterns for any occasion, we’ve got you covered.

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