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28 Beautiful Crochet Sunflower Free Patterns

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Let’s dive into a colorful crochet adventure together! We’re thrilled to share a wonderful collection of free crochet sunflower patterns with you, guaranteed to add a cheerful touch to your day.

Brighten your day with easy crochet sunflower projects, from flowers to pillows, coasters, cardigans, bags & more. Beautiful free crochet patterns to start now!

Sunflowers are wonderful crochet projects as they are patterns that promise to add a touch of sunshine to your home. From charming accessories to home decor, these sunflower designs are not only beautiful but also perfect for brightening up any space. Crochet sunflowers can be made as standalone pieces, parts of a bouquet, embellishments, or appliques to be sewn onto your other crochet creations.

Whether you’re a seasoned crocheter or just starting out, we’ve compiled a lovely list of free sunflower crochet patterns, with a pattern for every skill level. So what are you waiting for? Dive straight into our FAQ section or keep reading to get into our list of sunflower crochet patterns.

How to Crochet a Sunflower?

Sunflower crochet patterns are not the hardest crochet project! With just a couple of materials and some basic knowledge of crocheting (check out the complete guide to crochet for beginners if you need some guidance), you’ll flourish with your masterpiece. With some additional patience, you’ll be able to create beautiful crochet sunflowers or bouquets of them on your own.

If you are an experienced crocheter, try your hand at making a sunflower crochet bouquet as a new challenge. Simply put, these are crochet flower patterns combined with other crochet plant patterns (such as stems, leaves, and others). You can take a look at our compilation of crochet flower bouquets for more inspiration!


1. What materials do I need to crochet a sunflower?

Commonly used materials include:
-Yarn (shades of yellow, brown, and green), but of course, feel free to create unconventional sunflowers!
Crochet hook
– Scissors
– Tapestry needle
– Stitch Markers
– Stuffing materials

2. What is the recommended yarn weight for a sunflower?

Typically, a medium-weight (worsted) yarn is used for sunflowers. But then again, always refer to the pattern for results that most reflect the original pattern.

The bulkiness of the yarn is an important factor in determining the size of your crochet plant. So, if the tutorial does not specify, yarn weight can be chosen based on how large you want your plants to be.

3. What is the best yarn to use for crochet sunflowers?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer for the best yarn to use when crocheting plants. However, cotton yarn is a popular choice! Although it might be slightly difficult to crochet due to its lack of elasticity, it is an excellent pick for your crochet sunflowers. The reason is because it produces a smoother and less frizzy surface compared to acrylic and wool. However, it is best to follow the specified yarn type in the tutorial to achieve similar results.

4. How do I create the center of the sunflower?

The center is often made using a combination of single crochet, slip stitches, and working in the round.

Crocheting sunflowers can be made easier if you familiarize yourself with commonly used stitches such as:
Single crochet (sc)
Double crochet (dc)
Slip stitch (sl st)
Magic ring (MR)
Chain stitch (ch)

5. Can I make a larger/smaller sunflower by adjusting the pattern?

Of course, you can modify the size by using a different hook and yarn size. If you’re an experienced crocheter, you may adjust the number of stitches per round.

6. What is the best way to attach the sunflower to other projects (e.g., blankets, hats)?

You can do so by using a yarn needle to sew the sunflower securely to the desired item.

7. How can I add texture to my sunflower petals?

Consider using front post or back post stitches to create texture in the petals. Some patterns employ special stitches that are not as common but are worth giving a go as they give the sunflower pattern a very distinct look and will make your project look absolutely stunning!

8. How can I prevent my sunflower from curling at the edges?

You can adjust your tension, and consider blocking the sunflower to help it lay flat. Then gently wet-block the sunflower by pinning it into shape and allowing it to air dry.

What’s Next:

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  • Explore our collection of free crochet patterns, including other crochet flowers, crochet plants, and plant hanger patterns. There are many options to choose from!

28 Beautiful Crochet Sunflowers – Free Patterns

🌻 In this curated list, you’ll discover a delightful array of crochet sunflower patterns that cater to all skill levels. So, grab your crochet hook, choose your favorite yarn shades, and get ready for a fun adventure!

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